Beer Styles Session @ RNH



To all of you who have no idea what your drinking but like what it is your drinking now is your chance to learn all about each style of beer there is. 

Different style every week: This week is Brown ales

Learn about BROWN ALES and discover your favorite
Join Will Stephens, co-founder of and Maggie Fuller, graduate of the UC Davis Master Brewers program and founder of Beer Ethos for a discussion of BROWN ALES and drink their six favorite examples of the style.
Discussion of the history of Brown Ales
Drink 6 Brown Ales hand-picked by Will and Maggie
Tasting notes on six beers
Meat/cheese/bread plate
Our favorite brown ales from the US, UK, and Belgium
We’re selling a limited number of tickets for this intimate event, and tickets must be purchased in advance using the website link below. This event is part of a series of BeerMenus Styles Sessions. Stay tuned for more beer style events!


One Response to “Beer Styles Session @ RNH”

  1. Sounds great. I got the word through my daily google “craft beer” alert. What a great venue for an event like that. Every day, it seems, R’nH does something to actively promote the craft beer revolution. Thanks!

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