‘Who’s the best fest’ USA v Belgium

whosthebestfestWell its coming close to this great event, the 1st annual ‘Who’s the best fest’

It is simply some of the best Belgian beers available in NYC against some  of American – Belgian style brews. The list is so far at 48 different brews:

Belgium :

  1. Pico Brouerij —Alvinne kerasus, Gaspar, Melchoir, Balthazaar. (1st time together)
  2. Brouerij De Regenboog — Wostyntje, ‘tSmisje Catherine The Great’
  3. Brouerij Strubbe Double Triple, Grand Cru
  4. Brasserie Artisanale De Rulles — La Rulles
  5. Brasserie Lefebvre SA — Blanche de Bruxelles
  6. Brouwerij Huyghe — Delirium Nocturnum, Tremens
  7. Brouerij de Bosteels — Kwak, Triple Karmeliet
  8. Brouwerij Het Anker — Gouden Carolous Ambrio, Classic, Emperor and Triple
  9. Brouerij Van Honsebrouck — Brigand, Kasteel Dark, Triple
  10. Gruut — Amber & Wit
  11. St. Feuillien — Brune, Triple and Saison
  12. Urthel — Hop It, Samaranth
  13. Brouerij de Glazen Toren — Ondineke
  14. Brouerij Van Steenberge — Gulden Draak, Piraat
  15. Palm — Steenbrugge Blanche
  16. Bavik — Petrus Pilsner
  17. Lindemans – Framboise

USA Belgian Style so far:

  1. Ommegang: Rare Vos, Abbey, 3 Philosophers, Hennipen
  2. The Bruery: Black Orchard, White Orchard, Saison De Lente
  3. Green Flash: Grand Cru, Tripple, Le Freak
  4. Allagash: Black, White, Four, Triple, Curieux, Dubbel, Fedelta
  5. Smuttynose: Gravitation, Farmhouse
  6. Troegs: Mad Elf
  7. Weyerbacher: Muse
  8. Sixpoint: Belgian Rye IPA, Express
  9. North Coast: Brother Thelonious
  10. Harpoon: Quad
  11. Sly Fox: Saison Vos, Incubus, Renard D’or
  12. Legacy: Euphoria
  13. Kelso: St. Gowanas
  14. Captain Lawrence: Liquid Gold
  15. RR ‘Damnation’ 
  16. Surprise……..

All beers will be available in 3.5 oz pours, pricing will be between $3 – $5

All beers will be rotated, in no particular order. Score, note and tasting sheets will be available everyday.


3 Responses to “‘Who’s the best fest’ USA v Belgium”

  1. Beermenus says Russian River. Is that a tease? If so, it is just mean.

  2. biglouddrums Says:

    Looking forward to it. What time does it actually begin? I want to be there right away.

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