April is English Cask Ale Appreciation Month

british-caskHere are most of the brews that will be at the cask bar over the month:

  1. Westerham brewery ‘Finchcocks Original’
  2. Westerham brewery ‘Grasshopper Kentish Bitter’
  3. Westerham brewery ‘British Bulldog’ 
  4. Westerham brewery ‘Black Eagle Special Ale’
  5. Hook Noton brewery ‘Hooky Gold’
  6. Hook Norton brewery ‘Old Hooky’
  7. Hook Norton brewery ‘Hooky Bitter’
  8. Hook Norton brewery ‘First Light’
  9. Ridgeway brewery ‘Foreign export stout’
  10. Ridgeway brewery ‘Ivanhoe pale ale’
  11. Ridgeway brewery ‘Organic’
  12. Wye Valley ‘Dorothy Goodbody’s Stout’
  13. Thornbridge ‘Jaipur IPA’
  14. Westerham ‘Freedom Ale’
  15. Ridgeway  ‘Oxfordshire Blue’

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