The long awaited Brewery Tours Start May 16th

dogfishReady for Delaware??   Clear your calender, its Dogfish Head Brewery up 1st. 

Dogfish have given us the green light for a tour of the brewery. 

We will be leaving Rattle ‘N’ Hum at 10am on Saturday May 16th. The bus will have a keg of 60 min, a few bottles of 120min for those who need a nap!! Snack and sandwiches will be available on the bus

Once we reach the brewery we will get a private tour, have a few pints buy the t-shirt and head back to Rattle ‘N’ Hum where 4 Dogfish beers will be on tap for a 2 hour long – open bar.

Ticket prices are $80 limited places sign up asap

Keep an eye on this thread.


One Response to “The long awaited Brewery Tours Start May 16th”

  1. kim barnett Says:

    Patrick, I sent you an email saying I was interested and you asked for how many. My answer is for 2 people- on May 16 the Dogfish tour. I’m so excited and cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kim Barnett
    212 481-2782

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