The Beer Miles Program

At last we have finally got our cards to the printers! The beer Miles program is an on going club that will work at RNH group bars.

The way it works:

Each draft, cask and bottle you have equals 50 beer miles. We have entered prizes at each milestone, you can either collect on milestone hit or keep going! If you accept the milestone then you go back to zero.

This is just an example:

3,000 Miles – RNH T-Shirt

6,000 Miles – RNH Brewery Shirt

10,000 Miles – Beers on us for a night!

15,000 – RNH brewery tour pass

20,000 Miles – Plaque on the wall with your name on it.

75,000 Miles – Open bar for you and 10 of your friends

100,000 Miles – Trip to a brewery on the west coast, hotel and air fare on us!

150,000 Miles – Get your own bar stool at RNH with your name engraved on the chair, this will be your chair for life, you will always have a seat at the bar!!


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