RNH stepping up again!

Beer line cleanerHere at Rattle ‘N’ Hum we clean our beer lines after every keg has been kicked, today we just started using a new product to insure the cleanliness of our lines continues thus giving you the freshest, tastiest beer imaginable, the way the brewer’s intended. We are using a product from Austria that has been in testing with AB for 3 years. It’s a verification agent with line cleaning solution in powder form. We can monitor the cleaning process and inline verification with a color indicator. Chlorine free with active oxygen. It is compliant with DIN 6650 and HACCP norms.

We think that our customers have every right in knowing what happens behind the scenes of RNH as you are trusting us with your health and hope of great clean beer!!

So now you have it, peace of mind!


2 Responses to “RNH stepping up again!”

  1. I wish every barkeep was as conscientious so I wouldn’t have to travel so far for great beers.

    You all are to commended of your scholarship as well.

    Having had a discussion recently about how rare mere competence is these days, high marks for striving for excellence. I hope your rewards match the effort.

    Old School & Grateful,
    C Damico

  2. What is the name of this stuff? Is it available via retail for home brewers?

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