Dogfish Head & Great Divide 11/17/09

DogfishYeah its time for another Dogfish Head Night at Rattle ‘N’ Hum, featuring some of the legendary Dogfish beers both on tap and bottle. With Dogfish Head we will showcase a few beers from the Great Divide brewery of Colorado:

Great Divide Beers:


Titan IPA

Saint Bridget’s Porter

Wild Rasberry Wheat

Hercules DIPA

Yeti Imperial Stout

Hibernation Old Ale

Oak Aged Yeti

Berliner Weiss

Fresh Hop

Dogfish Head Beers So Far:

Indian Brown

Old School


Palo Santo

120, 90, 60

Red & White


Burton Baton

Life & Limb


Midas Touch

more TBA


2 Responses to “Dogfish Head & Great Divide 11/17/09”

  1. Not sure if you guys can get this, but see if you can get bottles or a keg of Russian River’s Pliny the Elder. Quite possibly the best beer in the world…it’s a big, hoppy West Coast IPA but with enough fruitiness to mellow out the bitter. More hop flavor and not nearly as much sweetness as Dogfish Head’s 90 Min. (which I also love). If you could get this beer, I would be eternally grateful!

    • I am a huge fan of Russian River and would love to have them on tap and bottle @ Rattle N Hum but sadly they do not have a distributer in NYC and there for we can not sell or have on premise. I travel to Pennsylvania myself every so often just to enjoy Pliny!

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