Green Flash Brewing unload everything at RNH 3/30

Check this amazing list of brew’s from an amazing brewery, this list is surely the biggest list that has ever hit the NYC streets from Green Flash!

Belgian Brown
Coffee Stout
Palate Wrecker
7th Anniversary Red Rye
Le Freak
Double Stout
Imperial IPA
Hop Head Red
West Coast IPA
Grand Cru


2 Responses to “Green Flash Brewing unload everything at RNH 3/30”

  1. hey, are you guys looking for a daytime bartender at all? love the rnh – and have extensive experience w/ craft beer bartending. Lemme know! Thanks guys!

  2. Patrick O'C Says:

    Excellent choice for a featured brewery. From the classic “hoppy” West Coast IPA to the sediment-rich “Hop Head Red,” this San Diego-based brewery is one of the best in the U.S. I’ve tried the Grand Cru (very nice) the Trippel (moderately amazing) and the Imperial (not wild over this one, but the cost is low.)

    Along with Anderson Valley, Stone, Cigar City and Founders, Green Flash should be on everyone’s Top 10 lists.

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