Rattle ‘N’ Hum Cali trip, 5/10 – 2/20

Above is a pic from Cigar City Brewery where myself (right) and Dad (center) were treated to a private tour and tasted great brews.

A quote from a book I read, Naked Pint ‘ Great beer is indeed an art form: part science, part creativity, part perfect palate, and a special dose of Je ne sais quoi’, even though at Rattle ‘N’ Hum we pour great beer from the cleanest lines in all America,  I’m heading to Cali to check this out!!

Its finally time for me (yes just me not the entire bar!) to head out west and check out as many great breweries as I possibly can, while doing this I will be keeping a blog and taking many many photo’s of everybody, everything and probably every lamp post I talk to after a night out!!

First I’m hitting up Sierra Nevada for beer camp, brewing for 3 days at Chico, IT WILL BE AWESOME!

Second, I’m off to Cloverdale to visit the good folks of Bear Republic and south to Petaluma to the lunatics of Lagunitas!

Then its San Francisco to visit Speakeasy, 21st Amendment and Magnolia, oh and can’t forget the awesome beer bar Toronado.

From San Fran, I’m off to Fresno to visit the great Russian River brewery, (with shotgun in hand, to force distribution to NYC of course!!!) which is one place I have never wanted to visit as much in my life!

Off to LA it is and to The Bruery to visit Patrick Rue, owner and brewmaster of one of the newest and already top breweries in the land.

Then beer mecca: San Diego where I finally visit the Arrogant Bastards of Stone! I’ll be hitting up Ballast Point, Green Flash, Port, Alesmith, Alpine, Lost Abbey, Karl Strauss, Oggies and so on and on.

After all a beer journey isn’t just about drinking every style, it’s also about understanding what makes certain beers stand out among others and asking yourself why!!

Then it’s Vegas for a night to destroy every living brain cell I have left!!

Stay tuned for the blog entries, oh it’ll be a link to another site!




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