Rattle N Hum wins the Good Beer Seal

Rattle N Hum was awarded ‘Good Beer Seal’ on Tuesday night 5/25.

All our hard work has been recognized thanks to all our awesome friends. Thank you NY and we are determined to keep on serving you the best damn beers we can get our hands on!

We work hard here to keep our beers in great shape and cleanliness of our beer lines is always top priority, again CHEERS.

A little info into the Good Beer Seal:

As New Yorkers, we know there has been an explosion of quality local breweries over the last decade, including the Captain Lawrence, Chelsea Brewing Company, Brooklyn Brewery, Kelso and Six Point. In direct response, there has been the rapid growth of pubs, bars and restaurants that pride themselves on local brews, great service, and rich community roots. Until now, there has not been an association that recognizes establishments that pride themselves on serving quality, craft beers (like Rattle N Hum of course!). To remedy this, Garry Gillis (Burp Castle and Standings), Ray Deter (DBA and DBA Williamsburg), and Jimmy (Jimmys 43) joined together to form The Good Beer Seal (goodbeerseal.com).

The Good Beer Seal of Approval is awarded to bars and restaurants who:

1. Have 80% craft domestic or special imported beers.

2. Serve a good portion of their beers via a draft beer and/or cask ale program

3. Maintain a strong “Pub” vibe as a nice, local place to drink a beer and visit with friends.

4. Active community presence, as well as being an independently operated establishment

5. Good beer should be a strong feature if not THE FOCUS of the operation

The Good Beer Seal will be actively promoting New York City as a destination for lovers of good beer, also spearheading “July Good Beer Month,” an annual month long festival which celebrates local establishments, our communities and the Good Beer we serve.

Remember July is Good Beer Month, tell a friend and introduce Him/Her to the wonderful world of Craft Beer!




One Response to “Rattle N Hum wins the Good Beer Seal”

  1. malrubius Says:

    Congrats. You deserve it.

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