Kuhnhenn Brewery Total Tap Takeover @ RNH 4/26/11

The BIGGEST Kuhnhenn brewery event ever! Come meet the brew brothers and 44 of their closest family brews!

1.Double Nut Brown
2.Isabell’s Baltic Porter
3.Helles Bock
4.Blackberry Porter
5.Vanilla Porter
6.Oatmeal Stout
7.Austrailian Real Ale. Firkin
8.Dry Stout Real Ale. Firkin
9.Timmy T’s Pale. Real Ale Firkin
10.Scottish Ale
11.Wee Weavy
12.A few shillings too many
13.Golden Ring (Belgian Pale)
14.Urhrg (Belgian )
15.Red Run Red Lager
16.Black Anchor (lager)
17.Loonie Kuhnie
18.Anneliese Amber
19.Classic American
20.Kuhnhenn Pils
21.Berghart’s Dark Strong
23.Simcoe Silly
24.Export Stout
25. Creme Brulee Java stout
25. Bourbon Barrel Aged 4th Dementia Olde Ale
26. Strawberry Panty Dropper
27. Raspberry Panty Dropper
28. Cherry Panty Dropper
29. WinterWonder Lager
30. Lunar Eclipse
31. Solar Eclipse
32. Nine (Belgian dark strong)
33. Dark Heathen Tripple bock( not aged)
34.White Devil
35. Tangerine Wit
36. American Barley Wine
37. American IPA
39. Raspberry Eisbock
40. Penetration Porter
41. Hefe Weizen
42. Dark Mild Real Ale. Firkin
43. Fest
44. Alt


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