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Beers Gone Wild ‘XXX’ at RNH 5/21/11

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Tickets can be purchased at the door or or you can ‘Pay as you go’

The old word: Sour Beer: Beer that has begun to turn bad after an inadvertent introduction of bacteria, AWESOME!!

Probably the greatest lambic/sour/gueuze tasting on the East coast!
Featuring a whole weekend of highly respected beers: Sours, Gueuze & Lambic’s from Belgium, USA and all over!
We will be show casing a vertical Lambic tasting that consists of: A very young lambic – ‘3months’  (to give you a sense of how it begins) to a 9 month old – to a 18th month – to the finished product (brewery ‘secret’) Special guests will be in house to talk about the crazy production of sour beers!
Before this special introduction and tasting we will be pouring some very special beers limited to ticket holders only.
Oyster’s included with fresh LI oysters with Eddie!
Beer list includes:

Cantillon St Lamvinus 30L
Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus
Cantillon Pure Kriek (Lou Pepe)
Cantillon Cuvee St-Gilloise

Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic
Mikkeller Funky E*Star

Petrus Old Bruin

Rodenbach Vintage

Rodenbach Grand Cru

Marriage Parfait Gueuze

Captain Lawrence Rosso Marrone

Allagash Vrienden

Jacobin Rouge

Jacobin Rouge Old

Jacobin Rouge Young

Goose Island Dominique

Cigar City Guava Groove

Cigar City Granma’s Sour

Jolly Pumpkin Oro De Calabaza

Jolly Pumpkin ES Bam

Lagunitas Farmhouse Gueuze

Liefman Fruitesse

Leifman Cuvee

Strubbe Hchegen


Fritz 1809

The Bruery Saison de Lente

Hassens Krik (cask)

Hassens Lambic (cask)

Russian River Consecration (maybe)

St. Louis ‘Gueuze Fond Tradition’

Bacchus ‘Flemish Red’

Kuhnhenn ‘Play in the hay blueberry’

Hopfenstark ‘Bos de Higgf Berliner Weisse’

White Birch ‘Belgian style Pale Ale’ (Wild Lambic version)

Banhof ‘Berliner Weisse’



Here is the main event:
Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge
Blending Seminar
Blending Of Lambic
Although Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge is not a
beer blended from old (oude) and young
(jong) beers, it is nevertheless a very
common brewing practice in West Flanders.
Brewery Bockor has several beers that are
produced by blending these two base beers
It is interesting to taste and experience how
the addition of a very sour beer into a more
mild beer changes the character. Inevitably,
beer enthusiasts will find a balance that
suits them, whether it’s a strong percentage
of young beer or 100% sour. Everyone is
Taste #1: 100% Young
A very mild, somewhat bland beer that seems like a
wheat beer but does not have the overtly fruity banana
character or pronounced carbonation of a true wheat.
Sweet and not at all hoppy.
What Is The “Young” Beer?
It is brewed from the same wort as the “old” beer but is
fermented normally using pitched yeast and
fermentation in stainless steel tanks. This produces a
very consistent, high quality beer for blending.
Taste #2: 75% Young/25% Old
Now you will start to taste the effect of aged, sour beer.
This blend is still sweet but not cloyingly so like the first.
Some nice, round acid notes make for a more interesting
Taste #3: 50% Young/50% Old
Many people prefer this blend. It’s sour enough to be
refreshing and interesting but not so sour that it
becomes fatiguing. Notice some earthy notes are
apparent. This is from the old beer.
Taste #4: 25% Young/75% Old
Now we’re talking! This beer reveals much of the
character of the old beer in all of it’s earthy, funky glory
but without being so sour that it becomes fatiguing.
Notice more of the brettanomyces character is asserting
itself. Sometimes called “horsey” or “horseblanket”, the
influence of brettanomyces is crucial to lambic beers.
Taste #5: 100% Old
Completely unblended old beer is sharp, acidic and flat,
just as it comes out of the foeder. This is a rare and
unusual beer that is almost never tasted outside of the
brewery. The heart of lambic, with a surplus of
brettanomyces character and, of course, loads of acid. It
makes a striking impression, no?
Taste #6: Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge
The finished beer is made by blending the 100% Old
beer with some malt extract. This gives the beer it’s
color and a slight residual sweetness. West Flanders Sour
brewers all make their beer a slightly different way but
the addition of some coloring or sweetening agent is a
common practice.
CDJ Rouge is fully sour but delightfully fruity, full bodied
and very refreshing.

22 sour, lambic and gueuze on tap, over 50 rare bottled sours and a selection of Cheeses to suit!
Detailed beer list, coming soon.
Special guests TBA!

Tickets on sale at


4/20 Evil Twin & Boulder @RNH

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In the celebration that is now 4/20, I’d like to invite you all to a very special day at RNH, to taste and meet brewers from very different back grounds!
Here’s a line up what should rock your world!!

Evil Twin Brews:
Before, During, & After Xmas – 8% IIPA (draft)
– Soft DK (alias for Soft Dookie) – 10% Imperial Vanilla Stout (draft)
– Disco Beer – 10.5% Imperial IPA/Chardonnay blend (bottle)
– Yin – 10% Imp Stout, 1/2 of Black & Tan (draft)
– Yang – 10% Imp IPA, other half of Black & Tan (draft)

Boulder Beers:
Hazed & Infused dry hopped ale 4.8% abv
Mojo ipa 7.2% abv
Sweaty Betty blonde 5.5% abv
Flashback india brown ale 6.9 % abv
Kinda Blue blueberry wheat 5.5% abv
Mojo Risin dipa 11% abv
Planet Porter english porter 5.6% abv
Singletrack copper rye ale 5% abv
Buffalo Gold golden ale 5% abv
NITRO Flashback india brown ale 6.9% abv
Saison aged in french wine barrel 6.7% abv
oak barrel aged 2010 Killer Penguin barleywine 11% abv
Chai Porter 5% abv
Apricot Mojo ipa 7.2% abv
2010 Killer Penguin barleywine 11% abv
Bourbon Barrel aged Singletrack copper rye ale 5.7% abv
Bourbon barrel aged Mojo ipa 7.9% abv
Bourbon Barrel aged Vanilla Porter 6.2% abv
Bourbon Barrel aged Obovoid oatmeal stout 8.5% abv
Bourbon Barrel aged Never Summer strong ale 6.7% abv
Bourbon Barrel aged SPICED Never Summer strong ale 6.7% abv
2009 Killer Penguin barleywine 11% abv
FUSION ale (Planet Porter and Mojo ipa fused and aged in red wine barrel) 8% abv

Troegs Brewery @RNH 4/12/11

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This weeks featured brewery at Rattle N Hum is Troegs, come meet the brewers and drink their brews:

Scratch #29
Scratch #42
Javahead Stout
Hop Back
Pale Ale
Mad Elf
Nugget Nectar