George Washington is BACK! 5/18/11

The big guys beer has been resurrected, that’s right our Founding Father’s recipe has surfaced and brewed by our favorite brewjews (aka Shmaltz Brewing Co.)

Shmaltz Brewing Company, in collaboration with Josh Knowlton and Pete Taylor, is proud to bring History, culture and the written word from revolutionary times into today’s Craft Beer Evolution.
Shmaltz have transformed Washington’s recipe into an even more complex and flavorful robust porter, using a delicious array of the best small batch dark malts and hop varieties, to produce a truly spectacular celebration for the contemporary beer connoisseur. By adding brown malt to the grain bill and northern hops and rich molasses to the boil, they were able to produce a beer that is modern, yet contains ingredients that have been part of brewing for generations.
We are thrilled to be the bar to pour Washington’s beer, so be here Wednesday May 18th for this special event.
7pm tapping!

Other Shmaltz beers on tap will be:
Jewbelation 12 – 13
Coney Island Mermaid Pils


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