A night of rareties ‘Brewmaster Collaborations’ 8/8/11

Meet the owner of Aspall Cyder’s, HENRY CHEVALLIER, http://www.aspall.co.uk/ &
sample some of SBS Imports rare selections w/ SBS owner Alan Shapiro

1.  Les Deux Brasseur:  The second beer in the Brewmaster’s Collaboration Series created with Jason Perkins of Allagash Brewing in Maine. LDB is fermented with two strains of brettanomyces – on from each brewery. A bright golden ale with a full rocky
head. A complex array of aromas and flavors including apricot, peach, pineapple, barnyard/sour notes from the brett, graham craker, herbal and spicy hop notes. 8.5%

2.  Monstre Rouge:  4 th beer in Brewmaster’s Collaboration Series.
American strong Ale, 8.5% collaboration with Terrapin Beer Company, Athens, Georgia

3.  Broederlijke Liefde, “Brotherly Love”:  This is the 5th version of the annual De Proef Brewmaster’s Collaboration co-brew, he brew uses a saison yeast as well as a Brett yeast, as well as Syrian Goldings hops to hit their 8% ABV

4.  Witte Noire:  Imperial Amber Wheat Ale, Deep amber/chestnut color with an off-white head. Roasty & chocolaty aromas
with a hint of spice. Lightly roasty notes on a soft palate. Wheat
lightens the body and clove-like spice notes are present on the finish. 7.5%

5.  Bellegems Bruin:  West Flanders Ale, A traditionally-brewed Flanders brown ale is blended with 18-month old lambic to create this tart, refreshing, medium-bodied benchmark ale. Reddish-amber with a tan head. Hints of tart fruit and an underlying light lambic sourness dominate the nose. The palate has apple and raisiny fruit notes offset by a touch of brown ale caramel sweetness and a toasty-woody finish with just a light touch of hops.
6.  Aspall draft

1. Aspall Perronelle’s Blush Cyder:  Deep blush color with a rich appearance. There
is a subtle blackberry aroma
with a hint of traditional cider apple. Smooth, silky and refreshing palate
beautifully balancing sweetness and acidity. Lingering aftertaste of
2. Aspall Organic Cyder:  Deep gold color, with spicy and round notes  to the nose. Medium bodied, fruity, yet still dry. Earthier country style; charming and wine-like.  UK Soil Association Certified Organic
3.  Aspall Dry Cyder:  Pale golden color, with delicate apple
aroma. Dry and refreshing; an excellent aperitif somewhat reminiscent of brut champagne.
4. Aspall Cuveé Chevallier:  Stylish and elegant double-fermented cyder, similar to cyders produced at Aspall in the early 1900’s. ÊMade with higher acidity apples whose flavor mirror that of classic champagne. Pure golden color with complex aromas. Medium-bodied with dense apple flavor, a slight earthiness and subtle hints
of pineapple.  750 ml cork-finished bottle

About the Aspall Suffolk Cyders. The Chevalliers have been making cyder at Aspall for eight generations, since 1728 when Clement Chevallier fermented his first batch of Normandy style Suffolk cyder.  They still produce cyder using only the fresh juice of whole Suffolk apples and the philosophy championed by their founding ancestor, Clement.
Still owned and managed by the Chevallier family, Aspall is the oldest direct lineage cyder maker in the United Kingdom.  There are no hidden partners or parent companies enabling  Aspall to focus on making the best possible product without compromise.


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