Avery Brewing Co Total Tap Takeover 10-25

Its been along time coming and FINALLY them! Over 30 beers on tap from one of our nations fucking Finest Xtreme Beer Breweries! Check the list and be ready to be all sorts of banged up for this EXTREME BEER TAP TAKEOVER!

The Beers:

Immitis (Sour)

Rumpkin (Pumpkin)

Out of Sight (Dry Stout)

Out of Spec (Stout)

Lilikoi Mahu (Fruit Beer)

Dry Hopped IPA


White Rascal (Witbier)

Joe’s Premium Pilsner

Ellie’s Brown

DuganA (IPA)

The Maharaja (DIPA)

The Kaiser’09 (Oktoberfest)

The Kaiser’10

The Czar’09 (Imperial Stout)

The Czar’10

15th Anniversary (Belgian Ale)

18th Anniversary (Saison)

The Reverend (Quad)

Salvation (Belgian Strong Ale)

Hog Heaven (Barleywine)

Karma (Belgian Pale Ale)

Old Jubilation (English Strong Ale)

Collaboration Not Litigation (Belgian Strong Ale)

Beast Grand Cru Ale (Belgian Strong Ale)

Samael’s Oak-Aged Ale (Barleywine)

Mephistopheles Stout (Imperial Stout


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