Thursday Night Dinner Special: Mussels Up Baby!

Curry Brined Mussels N Fries      Delicious meaty mussels served in a spicy curry broth. The curry is House made by means of  Jalopeno, ginger, garlic, curry sauce, onions, bacon and cream. Oh and to add a little more awesomeness, we added Haandbryggeriet ‘Hesjeol’ for that smoky touch!                                                                                                              Try it with the Cigar City ‘Jai Alai IPA’

            Today’s Oysters $2.50

                                                                                        Malpeque (East Coast)                                                                                                      Malpeque Oysters have a teardrop shaped shell with very tender meats.  They are light-bodied with a crisp lettuce-like flavor, high brininess, and a clean, sweet finish.

Mr Miyagi (West Coast)

Royal Miyagi Oysters have smooth textured meat with a mild brininess and kiwi-like finish. A Pacific Northwest oyster from one of the British Columbia oyster appellations


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