Brunch Menu for 10/22


$20 Brunch (11am-3pm)

All you can drink Oskar Blues & Sixpoint Cans from 11am-3pm

Imperial French Toast 

Slices of challa bread soaked in out imperial stout custard, caramelized to perfection. Served with sautéed apples, maple syrup and butter


Our chef’s household classic, pancakes with a generous helping of cheddar cheese in the batter served with crispy bacon

Irish Breakfast

Going all out IRISH!! Bacon, sausage, black & white pudding, fried egg, grilled tomato, toast, sautéed mushrooms and a handful of beans.

RNH breakfast burger

Rattle N Hum signature breakfast burger made with house ground prime chuck and sirloin topped with Jameson brined Irish bacon, pepper jack cheese, fried egg and bacon N beer reduction served in a brioche roll.

Steak ‘N’ Eggs 

5 oz sirloin Steak “seared diner style” with eggs cooked to your personal preference, served with IPA fries.

Eggs Benedict

English Muffin, two eggs, grilled ham and hollandaise sauce

Burger Benedict

English Muffin, two eggs, our house ground 8 oz. burger and hollandaise sauce


One Response to “Brunch Menu for 10/22”

  1. Any chance you will get gluten free beers in your fine establishment?

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