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Rattle N Hum’s Melodic Libation 1/17/11

Posted in Live Music @ RNH on January 11, 2011 by RattleNHumBar

                         Rattle N' Hum's Melodic Libation

                               EVERY MONDAY NIGHT
                                  7pm - 11pm
 Celebrate Jazz: America's Classical Music
 Imbibe melody, merriment and craft beer at the greatest establishment to
 hit midtown since the Empire State Building: Rattle N' Hum.
 This Monday, January 17th:
 The Chris Cuzme What Not
 With a robust and malty saxophone style that is entirely his own, his
 lyricism energizes, soothes, and excites the aural palate.  Balanced and
 with a considerable hop in his swing, upon imbibing the nectar of his
 melodic libations, one is provided with the direct sensation of
 emotional dance.  His aftertaste is filled with esters of joy, resulting
 in utter satisfaction which lingers and lingers, leaving the imbiber
 pining for the next sip of the 'aural love of Cuzme'.  Bitterness is
 present only if you do not come on Monday, for with you around Cuzme
 could never be bitter... especially with you.
 Malt: Corcoran Holt (Acoustic Bass)
 Water: Nick Demopolous (Guitar)
 Hops: Jeremy  Carlstedt (Drums)
 Yeast: Chris Cuzme (Saxophones)