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New Food Menu update 9/15/11

Posted in RNH Food Corner on September 15, 2011 by RattleNHumBar

Check out our new menu, its not finished yet but this is the direction to which we are going!

Our new Chef Stephen Durley will be banging out new dishes every week so the menu will be constantly rotating like our beer menu. All food menu items are made with a few beers of choice from a tap list, condiments are prepared with hops, malts etc (Hop salt). Patrick has prepared a pairing and notes page on beer/food pairings.

Beer dinners are in works with our first pairing on Sunday 9/18 with Dogfish Head and a roasted pig!


Small Plates

Beer-Braised Banger

Two bangers thrown into a brioche bun served with house made pale ale pickled onions, My Friend’s Mustard brownstone style. $14

Beef sliders

Cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, greens and served with our special in house Durley sauce in a brioche bun & topped with a pickle $2.50 each

Spicy Chicken sliders

House made chicken slider with jack cheese, jalapeno, greens and served with My Friend’s Mustard jalopeno IPA. $2 each

Mushroom  sliders

Grilled baby portabella mushroom, Swiss cheese, red onions and smoky chipolte sauce served on a brioche bun. $2 each

Corn Fritters

Grilled corn, batter-fried crispy fritter served with honey mustard. $9

Endive and Apple Salad

Grilled Belgian endive, mixed greens, blue cheese, pine nuts, granny smith apple, beer vinaigrette. $12 add chicken or steak for an extra four bucks!

Southwestern Salad

Goat cheese, sweet corn, avocado, grilled mushroom, bell peppers, mixed greens, honey mustard. $12 add chicken or steak for an extra four bucks!

Rattle N Hummus

Hummus served with celery, carrots & pita bread. $10


Large Plates

Rattle N Hum Burger

Our house ground (prime chuck & sirloin) signature burger topped with a shallot bacon beer reduction, house made chipolte sauce, tomato and mixed greens $16. Spruce up your burger with a $1 cheese of bleu, pepper jack, American, swiss or cheddar. How about a $3 cheese? Check out our artisnal selection and chose wisely my friend! Served on brioche bun.

Roast Beef Sandwich

Beer brined and roasted in-house, gorgonzola, red onion, romaine lettuce ,house made horseradish sauce  served between two 7 grain slices. $14

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Citrus marinated tequila chicken served with fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato, garlic aioli served on seven grain bread. $14

Celtic Cubano

An Irish take on the classic sandwich Grilled Irish bacon, jack cheese, spicy pickles, My Friends Brown Ale Mustard. $12

Fish N Chips

Cod dipped in our house made beer batter and seasoned with hop salt, served with IPA fries and house made tartar sauce. $14

Bistro Steak N fries

Grilled sirloin steak served with garlic-mushroom sauce and served with  IPA brined fries fries. $21

The Artisnal

Spicy smoked Spanish Tasso ham, with sharp Tickler chedder served on slices of Brooklyn beer Miche. $16


Pub Fare

IPA fries

Potatoes are cut in house and brined in a spiced IPA brine and fried twice then finished with house made HOP salt. $7

Curry fries

House made fries topped with our light Irish curry. $9

Loaded fries

IPA fries, shredded cheddar, bacon, onions $10

Mozzarella Sticks

Crispy fried breaded mozzarella served with spicy marinara sauce. $8


8 big juicy wings cooked to your liking – Mild, Medium, Hot or BBQ. $10


In house made tortilla chips with tomato, onion, jalopenos and shredded cheese $11.                 For an even tastier nacho plate, why not add strong ale beef chilli or chicken for an extra 2 bucks!

Onion Rings

Crispy fried onion rings in our house made IPA sesame tempura batter made to order and served with curry sauce and spicy ketchup. $10

Hopped up Calamari

Calamai cut and battered in IPA batter topped w/ Hop salt & served with spicy marinara. $12

Chicken Fingers

Panko crusted crispy fried chicken fingers served with honey mustard and BBQ sides. $10

The Artisanal  Page

Cheese Selection:

Cremeux de Bourgogne

(rich & creamy)

Tuxfort & Tebbutt Stilton

(lusious & bleu)

Tickler Cheddar

(Robust & Sharp)


Chorizo – (Smokey & Spicy)

Smoked Tasso Ham

(spicy & delicious)

Columbus – (dry & mild)

Chicken Pate – (House made)

       Choose any 3 for $14

…….Choose any 6 for $25………..

Pickle Plate $8

Mean Beans

Handy Corn

Hottie Pickles

IPA spicy asparagus

(house made)

Pale Ale pickled onions

(house made)

Belgian Tripel fennel (house made)

Blue Island Oysters $2.50 Each


Light and crunchy flesh gives way to a sweet, faintly rustic sage note, and distinctly flinty finish

Naked Cowboy

Like its namesake, the Naked Cowboy is lively and refreshingly salty, pun intended! This plump and meaty oysters smooth texture is a perfect compliment to its playful salinity and rugged savory finish.