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NFL Playoffs (Sports Club)@ Rattle ‘N’ Hum

Posted in Sports & Beer! on January 11, 2010 by RattleNHumBar

Good beer should go hand-in-hand with Football in the USA. Just because the big three (Bud,Miller/Coors) sponsor everything doesn’t mean you gotta drink their beer (just get that out of your head!!)

At Rattle ‘N’ Hum we want you to drink quality beer while watching the Playoffs and everything else for that matter!!

For the next few weeks during playoffs and Superbowl we’ll be doing drink specials on most beers on tap & Cask plus food!

Bonus: Jets get a touchdown in any game…. its a drink on us!

Also new to RNH is the ‘Craft Beer Sports Club’, all you gotta do is ask for a Sports club sheet and according to the beers you drink–prizes will be up for all! email me for more info:

Superbowl Party:

$40 all you can drink – draft and cask – whistle 2 whistle plus free wings at half time.

If you have a party of 10+ let me know and we’ll work a deal!